Will Augur And Golem Be Added To Coinbase

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Why I think Golem (and Augur) is the next addition to … Coinbase is highly likely to add things that … back of a coinbase page where augur and golem were …

Coinbase Next Coins - These Are Probably The Next 4The Golem Coinbase rumor : ethtrader – reddit – STRATEGY The Golem Coinbase rumor … and I do not see Golem being added to Coinbase yet. … Both Golem & Augur were mentioned in a css or js file …

When is support for augur and golem being added on coinbase? Will Golem be added to Coinbase? Indeed, one of the more popular ones was the Golem/Augur rumors over the summer, in which internet sleuths allegedly found references to Golem (GNT) and Augur (REP) in a…

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I believe it will be Monero, Golem, Augur and aragon next. … exchange to buy GOLEM? Advertise here. There is a rumour that Coinbase is planning to add Golem (and Augur).

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[GNT] GOLEM being added to Coinbase? – Sythe.org – May 16, 2017  · [GNT] GOLEM being added to Coinbase?, Copy of my thread from (BitcoinTalk.org). There is a rumour that Coinbase is planning to add Golem (and Augur). There are many Reddit threads/posts talkin, Cryptocurrency, Finance, & Gambling Discussion,

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There is a rumour that Coinbase is planning to add Golem (and Augur). This will benefit Coinbase, as well as people looking to purchase and invest in some Golem quickly with no hassle. Golem Brass is being released this month/early June.